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Classes at The Painted House!

Classes at The Painted House are all scheduled; there are no drop-ins.  Did you click on "classes" above and find our calendar?  That's where you'll find all of our updated classes.

Our favorite clients (we have a LOT of them) understand that we order high-quality products and specialty paints for each specific class and that when they schedule a class it is extremely important for them to be there!

Our MOST favorite clients will even find a substitute for their class, if for some reason they can not make it.  

Of course, we do understand emergencies, but we hope that you won't have any!

Preschool Paint and Art Classes


Ages 3-5


It's never too early to begin painting and creating.  

These precious paintings will be treasured for a lifetime!

"When I grow up, I want to paint like my preschoolers." (Annie Rone)

Preschool classes are scheduled once or twice a month.

Some of the regular classes will allow for 5-year-olds, so be sure 

to look at that class schedule as well!

Paint and Art Classes for children, ages 5 and up


Ages 5 and up


"Perfect is Boring" is our motto!  All little artists are encouraged to try new things, to mix their paints, and to use different mediums and techniques.

There is no pre-sketching;  We give our students LOTS of credit, because they deserve it!



Sip 'n Stroke Paint Classes for 18 years and older

Sip 'n Stroke (aka THE BIG ONE)

Ages 18 and up


Once a month, we fill up The Painted House with the BEST, most FUN adults and have a big paint party!  Sips and snacks are welcome!  

Creativity, music, and laughter fill the air as we create individual masterpieces.

Annie will teach a subject, but there are no outlines and clients are always encouraged to paint whatever they want!  

Worriers or whiners need not sign up!

Private Paint Classes and Parties

Private Sip 'n Strokes

For Special Groups


If you have a nice group of 20 or more people (42 is the max.), we will do our best to find a date for you to paint!  These book quickly, so advanced scheduling is recommended.  In the past, we have had bridal showers, baby showers, school teachers, church groups, and more!  





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