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The Painted House is owned and operated by Annie Rone.  Annie opened The Painted House in Tullahoma, TN in September 2013.  Annie is happy to call The Painted House "home," after teaching in many different places, including her own front porch.  The Painted House is a special place that Annie hopes will feel like home to all who visit, as well.

Annie Rone with Preschool Art Student

Annie is a mama to three boys and six dogs.  She is also a wife to just one lucky man!

Annie has her Masters in Education from The University of Tennessee.  She taught school for four years before she picked up a paint brush.  


Her motto is "perfect is boring."  It is of utmost importance to Annie for her students to feel proud of themselves and to understand that sometimes mistakes can be a good thing.  

Annie is a self-taught artist that teaches what she knows.  Often she refers to herself as a cheerleader with really great art supplies.  She is passionate about paint, color, and especially about giving children an opportunity to express themselves through art.  

Annie surrounds herself with wonderful people that help to keep her grounded and that encourage her to grow.  Laura Daniel (LaLa) and Claudia Vaden (Mama) are priceless additions to The Painted House that she couldn't do without.


Annie Tilghman Rone

Laura Daniel with Preschool Art Student

Laura Pyle Daniel

When Laura was in high school, her mama told her that she should choose a career where she worked with people.  But Laura, thinking that she wanted to be the next Bill Gates, graduated from Tennessee Tech with a degree in computer information systems.  She worked for 8 years writing computer code, before she realized her mama was correct. By then Laura was married and a mama herself to three marvelous kids.  She fell into teaching preschool and tutoring math, before life’s path led her to Annie.  She then realized how much she loved working with people who created wonderful, happy things in a wonderful, happy place. So now with paint in her fingernails and in her hair,  Laura still tutors math, still is a mama and a wife, and often tells people that they should listen to their mama.

Paint Palettes and Supplies for Art Class

Our Products!

We feel such great success when a child or parent asks us about our supplies--what we use, where we purchase them, etc.  That means, more than likely, that some great masterpieces are going to also be created at home!  WE LOVE THAT!

The products that we use are chosen for their high quality, sustainability, and brilliant qualities.  There's a difference!  

One of our favorite places to shop is out of Nashville, TN. is another favorite!

Golden, Liquitex, Plaza Art, & Blick brands are our favorite acrylic paints.  Blick brand stretched canvases are our go-to canvases to date.  We use mostly synthetic bristle brushes, and we really prefer to touch those before we buy.  Be on the lookout at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for sales on their brushes and go pick out a few nice ones to get you started!

As with any great hobby, it is an investment, so taking care of your products is key!  As long as you care for everything, your products should last you for a very long time.


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