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Welcome to The Painted House!

We are a house full of fun, creative, and happy souls!  The Painted House is an art class and art gallery, open during class hours only.  We pride ourselves with providing the best quality art experience around! Classes range from ages 3-infinity!    

Schedules for classes come out mid-month for the following month and may be found by scrolling down on this page. 

Thank you!

Our Goals:


Our number one goal for all of our clients is for everyone to have fun and to leave feeling proud of the art that was created while at The Painted House.  

We hope to encourage an appreciation for original artwork in all forms and mediums.

The Painted House staff hopes that their clients will want to continue creating at home and elsewhere to further their growth.

We know that the more you do, the more your skills will grow and develop--and the more risks that you will take!

We give our clients lots of credit; there aren't any drawn lines for them to fill in blanks.  Children and adults draw and create their very own masterpieces.

We think they're pretty amazing!



Paint Classes!!!
Art Classes for Children

Art Classes


It's never too early (or late) to begin painting and creating. The older we get, the more inhibited we become.  We believe the earlier you start teaching your child the appreciation for art, the more well-rounded and expressive he or she will become.    

Upcoming Events

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